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Become A Successful Freelance Writer In Three Easy Steps

Are you thinking about making a career out of your writing hobby? Become a successful freelance writer with these three easy steps. Here are some things you need to know to transition into a successful writing career.

Find your Niche

The beginner’s guide to becoming a successful freelance writer is all here for you. Becoming a success is already tricky. These three easy steps will help you learn how to be successful and more confident with your writing skills and ways of getting work.

Writing as a hobby is fun and exciting, but writing about things that you are passionate about is so much better!

If you are starting, love to write, and are considering looking for freelance writing work or just some additional income, you can start by finding your niche. Pick a favorite hobby or interest, maybe a talent you already have!

Consider these popular niches:
  • Health and Wellness
  • Travel
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Family and Relationships
  • Finance and Business
  • Careers and Leadership
  • Parenting
  • Crafts or other creative activities
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation
  • Fashion and Trends

Choose something you’re enthusiastic about, and the words will come quickly. Being a freelance writer allows you the freedom to stay in your niche Lane. Freelance work will enable you to be a little bit picky about what you choose to write on. It is so liberating to use your skills to find a job and be passionate about The topic you choose to write on. You will discover that you can write well without needing to do a lot of research by choosing the correct niche.

Gaining an online presence will help you immensely as a freelance writer. A simple way to achieve an online presence is to start your blog, the perfect platform for you to write and share your work and get feedback. Websites like Wix and WordPress are lovely places to blog for free.

You may also consider starting up your website through SITE123 or GoDaddy and use this space for blogging and an online resume. These platforms are a great space to share your very own website and words with prospective clients!

Writing Great Work and Self-Promoting

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When you choose to become a freelancer, you become your best advocate. Share your work with family and friends through your blog and create sample work to add to your portfolio.

As you receive feedback and develop a reader base, it will be easier to show that you are capable.

Tooting your own horn will come naturally! As you build your samples and create a network through blogging, other projects will be easier to discover. There are many ways for freelance writers to find work online through print magazines, product descriptions, ongoing writing opportunities. Some of these assignments are lucrative, and others are not —both are great ways to build your samples and your portfolio — still consider these.

Pitch to websites and companies you love and offer your services.

Take a deep dive into freelance websites like UpWork and Freelance websites are a great place to get your feet wet with writing opportunities that interest you. You will quickly develop a network of other writers, and they may share and collaborate with you for other options.

Communities of writers are available through writing job boards; they can be incredible resources or just a great starting point. Check out iWriter, BloggingPro, and The Writer Finder. There is always a need for freelance writers, especially people with talent. As you build your samples and expand your portfolio, it’s essential to collect testimonials. Happy client reviews can be published on your website and give people insight into what you do best.

Continually update LinkedIn with your sample work and edit your resume as you build it. This social media outlet provides a plethora of opportunities.

Become good at two things, headline writing and call to action statements. All copy that you produce as a freelance writer will be used to sell something. Keep that in mind!

The reason headline and CTA writing are so important are because the headline is the thing that gets you to click. If a web surfer never clicks on a post/article, it doesn’t get read, and nothing else happens.

Keep this in mind when you are creating your work. Check out this post on how to write killer CTAs.

How to Market a Business Through Instagram - Instagram shopping

Dive in and Be Scared Later

Once you have sat down, started writing some samples of your own, and developed a groove in your niche, things will feel seamless.

Finding jobs through freelance websites or applying for other types of work will be far less intimidating.

However, we always want to grow as writers.

I strongly recommend finding a mentor or two. People informed about different types of writing like SEO or well-known bloggers take you under their wings. You can guest post on others’ blogs, submit articles to industry association newsletters and blogs, submit to your local paper. All of these will give you bylines, building your portfolio, and giving your more exposure.

Do not compare yourself to other freelance writers; the information can be overwhelming, trudge forward anyways.

Specializing will earn you more, don’t just take any job, stick with your niche, and become good at it. Increase your rates regularly so that you can continue to earn more.

You’re going to be scared when you first start. You are. Know that going in, embrace it, and shuffle forward anyway. You’re going to:

  • Make mistakes.
  • Lose clients.
  • Kick yourself for underpricing some jobs.
  • Criticize yourself for overpricing other jobs.
  • Be scared to apply for some jobs.
  • Be qualified for other jobs.

BUT, you’re also going to…

  • Land clients, you didn’t dream you could land.
  • Be offered other jobs out of the blue.
  • Earn more than you think on some jobs.
  • Get unsolicited testimonials.
  • Be “making this freelance writing thing work” before you know it

It’s been a long time since I was new, but I remember the fear of just starting, thinking I’m not good enough, or wondering if I can make it full-time as a freelance writer. These fears are universal. If you don’t start somewhere, then you will never know.

Now go, start, write your heart out.

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