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A Guide to the SEO Copywriting Process

What is the SEO copywriting process, and how does it work?

If you are sitting by your computer pondering this question, then you are in the right place. Marketing professionals who are looking to hone their craft, want to figure out ways to make content attract visitors.  The ability to create a target audience, attract potential customers, and create premium content is the kind of knowledge that is able to help any small business or business owner. Also, it is an extremely easy way to make some quick cash!

In this article, we will be exploring all of the strategies that you can use to develop content that rivals experienced copywriters, and attracts targeted traffic.

Content Research

Creating quality content all comes down to the amount of topic research one is willing to do. An experienced copywriter will use relevant keywords to find information for their content topic, this is typically done by using search engines to explore other website content that is pertinent to their blog posts or content. Here, we will be investigating the numerous ways that SEO copywriters are able to create high quality content for places such as their ecommerce store by simply creating intriguing product descriptions.

The Importance of Keyword Research

You might be sitting there wondering what a “keyword research” is, or how it is even able to create content and drive targeted traffic. Simply, keyword research is one of the many SEO practices that professional copywriters use to rank high on user’s search results. Many people don’t know this, but every website is associated with specific keywords or phrases by search engines such as Google or Bing.  Therefore, when a SEO copywriter begins to produce content it is extremely important for them to keep keywords relevant in their blogs posts or website’s copy in order to create organic traffic through their relevance in search engines.

However, as easy as this process is, it might appear impossible to somebody new to SEO services. Below, I will detail some beginner-friendly strategies to improve your writing services!

What is Organic Traffic and How Can I Get it?

Your organic traffic is an integral part of your ability to boost your search results and ranking. You can grow this kind of traffic by utilizing SEO within Google’s algorithms. This is a completely free way to grow the amount of website visitors that you receive.

What Are My Keywords?

The keywords associated with each website will be incredibly different from each other. It is suggested that the website is thoroughly inspected to find out what words the search engines associated them with. In order to figure out what keywords are most applicable to you, there are several ways to do so. An experienced copywriter might use software such as Ahrefs , which is a tool that gives you information on the ranking of specific keywords, and offers you alternatives to the ones that you already have.

It is truly a savior for creating content that attracts organic traffic, and applies search engine optimization without the use of keyword stuffing, which is an unsightly practice that occurs when a SEO copywriter or SEO copywriting services spam blog posts or the first page of their website with high ranking keywords that do not apply to their content. While this practice might draw traffic to your website, it will ultimately drive your targeted audience away if you do not utilize the right keywords.

I Have my Keywords, Now What?

Alright, so you have your group of keywords that you are going to work with to create your own unique compelling content. Now, you are able to move onto the fun part of SEO copywriting and copywriting service: creating informative content that is well written and brings brand awareness to your business!

Turning Keywords into Content

A high quality piece of long form content is more than just free of grammatical errors, as it also has to be content written that attracts appearances in search rankings and search engine results. This is the easy part that you already know how to do, just include your keywords when you write content to have your content rank high within website search results. For instance, if one of your keywords is “piano” make sure to include it in your title or already existing content. This is a simple SEO strategy that will increase your search rankings within your designated search engine, and will also come up as relevant searches for your target audience.  Also, this key strategy can also improve your website’s chances of appearing in other search engines that your audience might use.

Research, Research, Research!

Then, it is beneficial when writing articles or service pages to use other search engines to explore what competing SEO content on your topic is, and how you can use your personal content strategy to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). Once this is done, you should then consult your in-house team or feel free to speak with marketing services to figure out a unique angle to approach your topic from. This will give you an edge that the other blog posts or other forms of content might fall short on.

Make Friends with Your Audience

Is it impossible to bring traffic to your website and keep it there unless you connect with your audience. Potential customers do not want to work with someone that does not understand their vision, which is why it is integral for any website copy to connect with website visitors and the target audience.

Complimentary Content

Now, you might be wondering how exactly you can connect with your audience. Should you make a joke or possibly speak to your audience directly? Well, neither of these options are incorrect. To create high-quality content that promotes your website and services, it is integral to include a digital marketing strategy.  This can include things such as a survey to make your audience feel as if they are an active participant in your brand. This kind of audience involvement will aid you in reaching your digital marketing goals.

An Image is Worth a Thousand Words

We have all heard the phrase “An image is worth a thousand words” before someway or another. But, what does this mean when you are creating high quality content that will boost your SEO? Images are a super easy way for anyone involved in SEO writing services to create visual interest for their audience.

Do I Need to Take a Photo?

The right image can be difficult to find, but it is much easier than taking your own photos with professional equipment. Like many website copywriting services, you too can find images that will suit your needs by using your content’s keywords in any search engine. By using keywords, you will save time by utilizing SEO on your way to making compelling content!

What Search Engines Should I Use?

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Luckily, there are plenty of websites that anyone can use. The websites Pexels and Unsplash are two great options for finding free stock photos. Just remember, it is always crucial to include the proper Alt text with your image.

Time to Write

Now you know how to incorporate keywords, images, and audience related content into your blog posts or website copy. You might be asking yourself what your next steps are here, or wondering what to do with all this new information. Well, I have one simple word for you: write! Below, I will include some tips and tricks that will solidify your digital marketing and website content.

Who is Your Audience?

As a SEO copywriter it is part of your role within a copywriting service to figure out what you target audience is for your website content. To figure out your target audience, you must first leverage SEO practices by utilizing Google’s signals and best practices. In simpler terms, think of the audiences that you intend to read your content. If you are offering an essay writing service on your website, then your targeted audience could be students looking for homework help.

Watch Your Tone… And Voice

When reading a blog post or any other content, it can be alarming if the writer suddenly switches their tone and voice throughout the article. In order to keep organic traffic coming to your website, it is important to make potential customers feel comfortable while browsing your sight. Much of this comfortability can be cultivated by keeping the tone and voice that explains your services and website the same throughout your content.

Long Form Copywriting Services

Long form copywriting services are also commonly known as skyscraper content. This content can be created by writing content that spans from 2,100 to 5,300 words. Skyscraper content is typically used to reach and convert your target audience to your site. The skyscraper package is a great bundle to offer to clients that want to focus on online visibility.

Let’s Get to Publishing

The act of publishing your content can be scary to new writers. But, with a few easy checks you can be sure that your content is ready to be seen. Let’s overview a few of those things to check before publishing your website.

Back to Grammar School

One of the first items to check off your list before publishing is overviewing the content for any grammatical errors. Websites that are filled with unreadable content will not improve your SEO by any means, and might hurt a business. Remember, the goal of creating SEO friendly content is to boost your blog posts by incorporating digital marketing strategies.

The Editing Process

Not many of us know a professional editor, or know the way to find a reputable one. However, there are ways to ensure that SEO content is up to par with other competitor’s SEO content. For example, many copywriting services and people that utilize content strategy will utilize websites such as WordPress with an Ahrefs extension added on to it. These two websites are awesome for anyone interested in becoming involved in copywriting services or wanting to write a SEO copy, because these websites offer professional editing services that do not include having to find a professional editor.

Making Money with SEO Copywriting Services

Professional copywriter’s are somebody that are prepared to offer SEO content in order to promote services of some kind. If you have read this article up to this point, then you should be ready to start offering your own writing services that include SEO copywriting services, web copywriting, and as well as SEO copywriting. All of these strategies should aid you in your ability to write SEO copy that results in high ranking search results.

Selling Content on Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular website that many freelancers use to get new gigs and opportunities. As long as you can offer polished SEO content, you should be able to become a successful freelancer on Fiverr! First, you have to register on Fiverr, and then upload a profile. Profiles should boast your ability to optimize the search engines by creating on page SEO into a piece of content. That content should be professional copywriters ready. Even better, this entire process is completely free through the Fiverr website!

How to Grow an Audience on Fiverr

Growing an audience on Fiverr is as easy as breathing— just keep working. By taking on new gigs from prospective clients you can use these new projects as examples of your experience. Then, you can post these examples onto your profile! Once you have enough pieces of work to show off, you will begin to attract an even larger clientele.

Digital Marketing

Even well-written, brand-oriented websites need help with marketing from time to time. But, very few businesses want to shell out the money to large marketing companies to promote their brand. This is the precise moment when a SEO copywriting service can come in handy! Through your experience through Fiverr, you can begin to use your experience to cold pitch your copywriting services. Don’t be afraid to reach out to any client of your choice. By presenting your long form content that does you have a fantastic chance for having your writing services chosen. You can also dig into this sector by viewing a view resources about digital marketing.

What if I Need a Copywriter?

Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

If you have discovered that creating SEO content is not for you, do not worry! There are plenty of businesses that use a SEO copywriting service everyday. Finding these services does not need to be difficult if you follow these quick and easy steps!

Taking Advantage of Services

A thousand results will come up if you research copywriting services in Google. The amount of results can seem daunting, but it can become less scary when you look for highly ranked services. Freelancer Digiseomarktseo is an experienced copywriter that offers his services in multiple languages through Fiverr. Or, Writerof2020 is a copywriter that specializes on content about food, parenting, and childcare. Your options become more clear when you look for copywriters that are experienced in the field.

What Should I Look For?

You’re on Fiverr looking at all these different profiles, and they all seem fantastic! But, you only have the budget to hire one writer that offers SEO copywriting services. Well, you do not fret because there are many ways to weed out your perfect copywriter.

An Experienced Writer

One of the hardest parts of creating a website is figuring out what content will optimize your blog. Experienced writers who moonlights as a SEO specialist can be a useful person to have on your team. 

Look at Reviews

Websites such as Fiverr typically show the reviews that each copywriter has received from their clients. This information can be useful when trying to decide which copywriter will be the most beneficial to your team. It is crucial to choose a copywriter that has experience and knowledge related to your content.

In Conclusion

successful freelancer writer

Becoming a copywriter and finding a copywriter can seem like impossible jobs to fulfill. With the use of this article you should be on the path creating SEO content that fulfills target audience’s needs.

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