All On 6 Dental Implants – Benefits & Maintenance Tips

All on 6 dental implants are one of the cost-efficient options in dental implants. But, unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive dental treatments. Here are the definition, benefits, and maintenance tips in this article.

That is why some types or methods of dental implants are designed to reduce the cost. Moreover, dental implants come in different types with various prices to serve the needs of all kinds of users.

Dental Implants


Dental implants have restorative purposes and retain full functions same as natural teeth. In addition, it helps in maintaining the jawbone and prevents it from deteriorating.

There are different types and brands of dental implants that both the dentist and patient discuss based on choice and medical and economic circumstances.

Because this treatment is expensive and many patients look for international clinics with good reputations to hit two birds with one stone, have cheaper treatment, and have a vacation in a beautiful country.

International clinics, like Dentakay dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, welcome patients from all over the to have all kinds of dental treatments, including dental implants, especially all on 6 dental implants.

What is All on 6 Dental Implants?

All six dental implants are a replacement for the traditional annoying and unreliable dentures. However, this treatment is more expensive, but it gives countless medical and aesthetic advantages.

All six dental implants are similar in concept to the bridge. As the name suggests, six dental implants involve inserting six dental implants into the jawbone. These implants carry all prosthetic teeth.

The most important thing about this treatment is that dentists, in many cases, do not need bone grafting. Unlike individual implants, the dentist can insert the implants where the bone is strongest.

How is all on 6 Dental Implants Done?

This procedure is similar to regular dental implants; the main difference is that instead of using an individual dental implant to replace the missing tooth, dentists use only six implants to replace all the missing teeth.

This method is less time-consuming, takes less time for healing, and is cost-efficient as well.

On the other hand, compared with traditional dentures, all on 6 dental implants have medical benefits that prevent bone loss.

The procedure starts through a consultation, which can either be done physically in a dentist’s clinic or online with one of the international clinics worldwide like Dentakay; you can visit their website for more details.

Then your dentist starts designing the treatment with your needs in mind. International clinics also begin designing your treatment plan according to your budget line.

The procedure starts by preparing the patient’s mouth for implants, bone grafting, and other treatments. Then, a complete care procedure has been implemented before inserting the implants.

The other stages of the procedure differ from one case to another. In many cases of all on 6 dental implants, bone grafting is unnecessary, making the healing process faster.

Your dentist will choose the areas where the bone is strongest and then insert the implants; in the cases where bone density is low, a bone graft becomes extremely necessary to guarantee better and long-lasting results.

Benefits of All on 6 Dental Implants

There are numerous benefits of all six dental implants that make you look complete and beautiful. All on 6 dental implants, also known as “Full dental implants.” They are best for people with a bone structure in the jaw and need better support for their teeth.

In this type of implant, there is the utility of a permanent prosthesis by using six dental implants that function as a bridge or anchor. However, this is the type of all on 4 techniques, but the number of implants increased to six. The difference between these plants is that they are different in numbers, but both are placed in the same manner. As a result, it is joined with the highest bone volume and gives better results than traditional implants.

You can check out the benefits in the below section for further details

Faster Recovery

  • It gives you the fastest recovery with better outcomes and makes things in your favor. In addition, you can have a quick recovery as it is a more advanced option in dental implants.

Better Mouth Movement

  • Eat and smile easily with proper movement because all six dental implants support teeth and mouth functioning.

White & Beautiful Teeth

  • Enjoy a white smile to be more confident and happy with this dental implant because it gives desired shine to your teeth.

Without Removable

  • This is a helpful way to keep your teeth happy and fixed. There is no need for removable dentures because they are almost fixed into your braces.

Stronger Grip

  • It has a stronger grip that remains consistent and reverses the age factor. Moreover, you can eat and chew the foods like natural teeth.

All Time Solution

  • This is the best solution that lasts for your whole life. It is the permanent solution that gives your teeth no issues at all.

No More Bone Grafting

  • Say goodbye to bone grafting with all on six dental implants. It is a surgical procedure that repairs and rebuilds damaged bones with transplanted bones.

Convenient Cleaning

  • There is no more fuss about cleaning this dental implant because you can easily clean it at home without any maintenance issues.

Support Oral Health

  • Make your teeth and oral health better with this beneficial dental implant. It also gives long-term results to keep the teeth brighter.

Tips to Keep Your Dental Implants Clean

Making your teeth clean and happy is your responsibility. However, the scenario is different when you have them all on 6 dental implants. To give a solution to your dental implant cleaning issues, here are a few tips.

  • Make sure to brush two times a day.
  • Always use the soft-bristle toothbrush for better results.
  • Try to floss your dental implants daily.
  • Use unwaxed tape or implant-specific floss to keep the teeth away from damage.
  • Clean your hard to reach places with a nylon coated brush.
  • Avoid using high-abrasive toothpaste because it can affect the dental implants.

It is essential to keep your all on 6 dental implants clean. By making your teeth free of bacteria and germs, you can have more longevity with the best outcomes.

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