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My proven resume writing and career services can turn any stale, dead-before-it-arrives resume and cover letter into an interview ticket. You need to put your best foot forward and get that foot in the door. My track record speaks for itself: my services have helped hundreds of career professionals land lucrative jobs in multimillion-dollar companies and hundreds of other organizations. Use my tools and experience so I can help you land that offer.

Even if you:

  • are transitioning careers or industries
  • worried you have some gaps in your resume
  • have had trouble landing interviews
  • have submitted endless resumes and received no responses
  • are unsure what career path you want to take
  • keep getting automated rejection emails
  • are a recent college graduate
  • feel like you don’t have enough experience
  • are on a tight budget
  • don’t know how to brand yourself

I can help you avoid the dreaded resume “black hole” and get you on the right career path. 

I won’t just help you land a great job, I’ll set you up for success in your career.

Reach out today and we can get started.

Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services Online

professional resume is an invaluable way to create a powerful first impression, improve your career opportunities, display your professionalism, and emphasize your skills that will make you an asset in the position. But you need to stand out. Your unique skills and your personal experience need to shine. I have the business acumen and expertise to help you develop a professional resume that will catch the eye of prospective employers. In fact, I can assist you in sending your candidacy to the top of the list of hiring managers. I know what prospective employers are looking for in a professional resume. I know what they see day in and day out. I will ensure that your professional resume is a valuable and honest advertisement of your experience, knowledge and skill set.

Cover Letter

In some ways, the cover letter is just as important as the resume. It’s likely to be the first thing your future employer is going to see. So they need to see you—not just some generic form letter.  My cover letter writing service will involve a session where I’ll gather background and career information directly from you. I’ll help you find your voice. I’ll help you write a winning cover letter that helps you stand out from your competitors. Many applicants use conventional advice that often fails—at best, those letters are ignored; and, at worst, the wrong cover letter could mean a flat-out rejection. I can help you avoid those mistakes and help you get that call back quickly.

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn is an extremely popular method for employers to find their candidates. My LinkedIn Optimization Service involves creating or upgrading your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters are drawn to it. I’ll show you how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s tools to help you find a job and brand yourself in your industry. These strategies are completely underutilized. Using them—the right way—could be the difference between an interview and rejection. Reach out today and I’ll show you how. 


The career coaching service will involve a session where I gather background and career information from you. I’ll show you how top performers think and what they do differently to land their dream jobs. While others struggle to find work, wading through masses of recruiters and generic job postings, my coaching service will show you how to strategically find work and level-up your career. Additionally, not only will I show you all the right strategies for finding work, but I’ll also advise you on strategies for getting a promotion and much more.

Interview Prep

We understand how hard it is to shine when the stakes are high. Our interview preparation is battle-tested to help boost your confidence and perform well at your interview. Our one-to-one session will prepare you for all interview styles. You’ll learn the way to light up your interviewer’s eyes. Using very under-utilized interview preparation strategies, I’ll help you ace your upcoming interview. 

Follow Up Letter

The follow-up letter writing service will involve a session to identify where you applied to and help write a strategic follow up message to your clients. The right follow-up message can significantly improve your chance of getting hired. The wrong message can dramatically hurt your chances. It’s one of the most underutilized methods of job hunting. It may seem mundane and simple, but it can make a big difference.

Recommendation Letter

The recommendation letter writing service will involve a session where I’ll gather background and career information from you. I’ll identify your goals and write a persuasive recommendation letter for all your needs.

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