10000 subscribers on YouTube

How To Get 10,000 Subscribers On YouTube In 1 Week

So, today, we’re going to look at how to grow a YouTube channel. And in this article, I’m going to discuss specific ways that you can be guaranteed to get 10000 subscribers on YouTube in one week. So many people have a false thought of thinking that it’s challenging or maybe even impossible to grow a YouTube channel nowadays, but it’s the exact opposite.

It’s never been easier to become successful on YouTube. And that also goes for all kinds of other online places where you can produce videos, and everything, whether you’re trying to optimize a website on Google and get them to be seen by many people through searches and stuff like that.  Below are easy steps to take to get 10000 subscribers on YouTube within a week

Critically Assess Your YouTube Channel

The first thing you need to do is look at everything you’ve accomplished already in your channel, and maybe you haven’t accomplished that much. Perhaps you only have zero subscribers. And even if you’re just getting started, or perhaps even just starting your brand today, then that’s perfectly fine because it doesn’t matter. I need you to write down all that you have accessed, including the number of subscribers, viewers, likes, and comments on each video.

Crafting A Captivating Title And Thumbnail

The most important thing in crafting a viral video is the title and thumbnail. All you need to do now is worry about the title and thumbnail, the description on the first day, and everything else next on every other day.

I want you to take 30 minutes out of each day to try to step into the perception of a potential YouTube viewer and what you would click on and what would attract your attention. And the way you can do this is simply by simply going by your daily routine and watching YouTube videos, analyzing precisely each video you find enticing.

Note in which video you subconsciously want to click on and then try to understand why you want to click on that video because the title and thumbnail are something that you’re interested in. Also, observe the title and thumbnail captivating to you and check the number of views on the videos.

Maybe it’s simple and to the point. It’s perhaps even just a preview of the video that you hover over, and it entices you to click and see the rest. Just try to think about those things and then apply them to your next video of your own.

How To Craft YouTube Thumbnails To Get Subscribers?

When crafting YouTube thumbnails, make sure that you have simplicity in mind. It’s a basic fact that our eyes will automatically be attracted to bright colors and stuff like that. Generally, text over an overlay background will do just fine in attracting someone’s attention. And a simple five-minute session in Photoshop or even free software that you can download or use online will work to create something like that.

Now, as for the title, all you need to do to craft a successful title is implement something special, a successful search term or something that’s currently viral, then implement it within the title and then add something else to it. This way, YouTube will know precisely what your video is about and the exact audience it should recommend the video to. Adding an extra part to the title will make viewers understand exactly what makes your video different about that subject than every other one.

10000 subscribers on YouTube

Using Tubebuddy Or Vid IQ

So it’s best that you try to upload as much as possible and also make each video good quality to increase your chances of getting a bull’s eye a viral video on YouTube now to get into probably what most of you want finally.

Specifically, I will like to introduce you to “Tubebuddy” and how it does help you with basically everything you can imagine on YouTube. And pretty much anything that you could ever want to do in terms of making video ideas, titles, generating thumbnails from your videos, generally understanding how the YouTube algorithm works. Another excellent example of Tubebuddy main competitor is vid IQ.

Vid IQ has the same operations as Tubebuddy, except they add many features into YouTube, which can be interesting. They offer a sidebar on YouTube, giving you a lot of extra data about that video. For the first and second days of doing this experiment, I want you to get both vid IQ and Tubebuddy and try them out as you work towards getting 10000 subscribers on YouTube.

Collaborating With Another Channel To Get  Subscribers On YouTube

And then find someone who is around your size of channel in terms of total views and total subscribers and make a collaboration with them. It’s easy to come in contact with them simply by contacting them through the website. And then you could set up a collaboration, within a single day, you could be making a video with them, which you can be sharing your content with a whole lot audience of people. Don’t underestimate the power of this because it genuinely will help you. And if you are not the type of person to want to talk to people, you can use another website called FameBit for YouTube, and it will give you pretty much the same results.

Check Each Videos Impression Rate

Do not forget to use YouTube’s in-built impression system to tell you exactly your videos impression rate and click-through rate. Using this feature will tell you how good your thumbnails are and a general idea of how many people are clicking on them, then you know to change your title and thumbnail.

Adapt To Your Best Strategy

Now on day four, what I want you to do is take some time to review every single thing that was successful in the last four days of everything you have done and then find the thing that worked the best and then repeat it from now on throughout the rest of the week. It could have simply been your thumbnail style, your title style, whatever worked the best.

You can repeat that from that point on, and if you don’t know exactly how to find what worked best, you can use vid IQ and TubeBuddy because they offer a video performance chart.

Suppose you have done everything that I have mentioned correctly up to this point and diligently have made videos every day. You have tried every single thing that has worked up to this point. You should be experiencing the most amount of growth that you have ever experienced throughout the entire week at this point. And you should be achieving at least well over 10000 subscribers on YouTube by day seven.

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