8 Easy Tips to Actually Increase Viewers on Your YouTube Channel

 Increase Viewers on Your YouTube Channel

If you are a business or content creator looking to increase viewers on your YouTube Channel, at first it might feel like you’re up against the impossible.

With billions of videos — and millions of viewers — logging on each day, YouTube is the mecca of online video content. If you’re trying to get your slice of the pie, it makes sense to try and create the most engaging, relevant, catchy content you can.

We have some simple tips to get more views on YouTube — and they aren’t nearly as hard as you think.

Discover Your Audience to Increase Viewers on Your YouTube Channel

Even though this one might seem self-explanatory, one of the easiest ways to get more views on YouTube is to know who you’re trying to target. YouTube channel surfing is like taking the TV Guide and multiplying it times a million — there is something for literally everyone. But once you target who you actually want to be watching your videos and scope out your audience, it becomes easy to try and get them to notice your content.

Make Sure Your Channel is Professional Looking

This is a simple tip to increase viewers — make sure your channel looks legitimate. Take the time to make sure your channel has a unique and cohesive brand identity. Go through your “About” page and update it with a custom YouTube channel icon, a filled out “About” section that explains who you are and what you’re doing, as well as a way for your viewers to contact you outside of YouTube.

Utilize SEO To Increase Viewers on Your YouTube Channel

Another way to increase viewers on YouTube Channel is to understand SEO — or “search engine optimization.” SEO is a simple way that websites like YouTube and Google optimize videos for search and bring certain items to the top of the list.

What this takes is a little time and effort on your end using a tool like Google Keyword Search or SEMRush. These sites will allow you to see what people are searching for, and help you incorporate that into your titles and content to help you rank higher on the list.

Check Out Your Competitors

Keep your competition close so you can see what is helping them get more viewers on YouTube. Find a few channels who are also in the same niche market that you are trying to be part of, and check out who the top creators are. This will allow you to get a feel for the type of content that is doing well, as well as informing you what you can do to try and get into the “suggested videos” that plays automatically when a video ends.

Create the Catchiest Custom Thumbnails

Clickbait works. We said it. Oftentimes, people are “window shopping” when it comes to the video they are going to watch on YouTube, and a great way to get more viewers is to create a very unique and catchy thumbnail image that draws viewers in.

Always Use the Cards and End Screens

Like we mentioned earlier about your competitors, at the end of a video is an “end screen” where YouTube will link related or suggested videos they feel would fit in as a perfect follow-up. One way to get more viewers on YouTube is to use those end screens to your advantage by linking some of your other videos that flow well to draw your viewer deeper into your channel.

Increase Viewers on Your YouTube Channel -Get a Partner

Much like a square-dance, partnering up is another fantastic way to get more viewers on YouTube. Reaching out to one of those competitors who are doing well in your category and pitching a collaboration video is an awesome — and easy — way to boost traffic to your channel without too much effort.

Make Sure to Pay Attention to Audience Engagement

Many people look to YouTube View Bots as a potential solution to the viewership issue — but YouTube’s algorithm is smart, and will recognize the phony viewers from a mile away. Instead, cultivate authentic engagement with your viewers and help grow your viewer base by commenting, liking, and interacting with them to keep them on the hook.

Ultimately, growing a YouTube channel from scratch will require time, effort, and creativity on your part. The best way to get more viewers to a YouTube channel is to dedicate yourself to creating “good” content and making sure to network online with other “good” quality content creators in your specific audience. With a lot of hard work and ingenuity, you can help grow your YouTube channel to be a success.

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