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The term media refers to the collection of groups that process and communicate news to the masses. Online media is responsible for half of the world’s consumption of news and has become the easiest way for businesses to encounter readers.

Need an Expert Screenplay Writer For Your Film or Movie?

From producers to novelists to everyday people in the street, it’s common to envision seeing your ideas come to life on the silver screen or the stage. Translating your ideas from your head to a screenplay or script, however, is something entirely different.  

Screenplay writing is a highly specialized industry, with scripts and screenplays needing to be more than just formatted correctly. They need to take advantage of the medium, offer clear visuals, convey emotion, and so much more. Someone reading your screenplay or script will not just decide if they like the idea, but if they like dialogue, characters, pacing, and even contemplate a rough budget to actually produce the work.  

With all of this in mind, it becomes clear that even with the best ideas or books to base a screenplay on, the best investment is in a professional screenwriter for hire. A screenwriter for hire knows the ins and outs of the industry and how to help you take each idea to turn it into an engaging scene.  

Whatever stage your writing is in, a professional screenwriter can help. From organization to staging to brainstorming, they will help translate the picture in your head to one that those reading your script or screenplay can see. Our experts will give you the best possible opportunity with your screenplay. 

How a Screenplay Ghostwriter Works

With screenplay ghostwriting, we take your ideas and turn them into an impactful, expertly formatted script or screenplay that will engage the reader and paint a picture in their mind — a picture of what your ideas will look like on stage or screen. Utilizing consultations with you allows us to stay true to your vision on tone, theme, characters, and plot so that the completed screenplay is not only industry-ready, it’s the creative masterpiece you were envisioning. We will not stray from your creative vision, instead relying on you to provide creative guidance while we provide the writing expertise. 

Who We Help with Our Screenwriting Services

Anyone with a screenplay or script, whatever stage it may be. If you have an idea for a script but have no experience writing for film, we are happy to help you translate your idea into a usable screenplay. If you have a screenplay but need it worked over or even just formatted correctly, we can help with that as well. Novelists who are interested in screen adaptations of their works will find that we can readily offer the support they need. Whether a newcomer or an old hat in the industry, our professional ghostwriters can help you. 

Screenwriting Ghostwriter Services

Screenplay writing is a complicated process, and a screenwriter for hire may offer any of multiple services. Top Content Consulting strives to offer everything you need in one place. As such, we offer: 

  • Treatment writing 
  • Screenplay writing 
  • Ghostwriting  
  • Script editing 
  • Script formatting 

If what you need isn’t on the list, just ask! We are always willing to quote a price on your project. 

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I Also Offer Other Forms of Expert Media Writing Services 

The term ”media” refers to the collection of groups that process and communicate news to the masses. Online media is responsible for half of the world’s consumption of news and has become the easiest way for businesses to encounter readers. 

As your media writer, my main objective to provide concise, accurate, and interesting content. This includes gathering information, fact-checking, writing stories, and brainstorming ideas. 

The types of media writing services I offer are: 

  • Daily newspapers 
  • Magazine articles 
  • News articles 
  • Newspaper articles 
  • Periodic publications 

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