As your professional editor, it is my job to polish your documents into a finalized and error-free product. Your unique business needs require a specific tone and target audience in mind. My editing services ensure your documents and content are completed.

Importance of Editing

Small errors are extremely noticeable in writing and will be at the forefront of your readers’ minds if encountered. Without a finalized document, your business and credibility will seem lackluster and half-effort. 

The list of editing services I provide are:

  • Brochures and print advertisements
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts 
  • Rewriting text to achieve intended purpose and increased accessibility
  • Working with authors to polish writing
  • Developing new ideas
  • Design and organization of documents and websites

Quality of Editing

A good editor will locate all errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax. They develop ideas and solutions for higher-order and lower-order aspects of text and design. 

Higher-order concerns include tone, persuasion, organization, and target audience; while lower-order solutions include fixing errors, rewriting sentences for clarity, and replacing words as needed.

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Robert Fischer
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