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Social Media Marketing: Strategies That Will Help You Boost Sales

The era of relying on the brick-and-mortar style of carrying out transactions is declining globally. Most people prefer to carry out their business transactions using electronic platforms in recent times. For instance, Facebook has over two billion users globally. It has become a viable platform to showcase your brand, product, and services beyond your demography. Also, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Instagram, and Snapchat have become powerful platforms for transacting business. Social media marketing is more important now than ever. 

To boost your sales revenue and increase your business visibility and profitability in this modern market era, you need to incorporate social media marketing into your business strategy.

Here are some social media marketing strategies that can help you to stay ahead of your industry competition.

1. TitTok Marketing StrategyTikTok Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Online marketing is currently topping the business strategies chart table, many thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. Like a shadow, the covid-19 pandemic cut most companies off guard due to a lack of preparation for an economic shutdown. However, as the pandemic raged across countries and with most people indoor due to restrictions, TikTok became a means of creating media (pictures, animation, and video) content.

As of 1st January 2021, the social media platform boasts 689 active million users worldwide. This makes the app one of the fastest-growing social media platforms globally.

TikTok misconception

There is a general assumption that most users of TikTok consist mainly of teenagers. So, many businesses often shy away from integrating the platform into their digital marketing strategy. However, this assumption is false because data from the company indicates that roughly 68% of the TikTok community is beyond 20 years old. So, if your target audience is older, using TikTok for your brand promotion is not a miss. However, to achieve your goal of getting your message across, you need to research your targeted age bracket. Find out the video content that will look most appealing to their appetite.

Improve business

To drive your business goal faster using TikTok, it is best to register with a business account instead of a regular account. With a TikTok business account, you will access more information on your uploaded videos. This provides audience insights and real-time analytics. You will also have unfiltered access to reports on the Business hub for the latest trends. 

For your videos to get more views, you need to understand how the TikTok algorithm works. At first, when you post a video to the platform, it will be seen by a limited number of people. The best way for your video content to have widespread reach is to target users who like similar content to your posting. Also, applying hashtags to your videos before posting allows the video to get to the right audience. 

2. YouTube Keywords, Titles, and Tags

Having a YouTube channel can be a boost for improving your brand visibility, sales, and profitability. However, to achieve such a feat, your priority should be on creating content that will attract viewers to your page. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • TubeBuddy

To manage your YouTube video efficiently, especially for search engine optimization, you need TubeBuddy to handle the task. TubeBuddy is also available in paid and free versions, and each of the versions has excellent features that can enhance your YouTube user experience. With the free option, you can be able to copy video tags, and it also offers limited search explorer, limited tag list, limited keyword explorer and instant-suggest

  • YouTube keywords

A keyword is vital for your content and determines the visibility of what you upload on the platform. Although finding the right keyword may be stressful, it is worth the stress. To choose a keyword, start by researching a long list of possible keywords suitable for your niche and ideal for your video. You can also get keywords by copying the keyword used by videos that relate to your niche.

  • YouTube titles

Once you have finalized the keyword selection for your videos, the next phase is to select a title. Before choosing a title, make sure it relates to the content you are posting. Always include the last five words of the title. Also, ensure you have your keyword at the beginning of your video title before posting.

In addition, using words like “How-To,” “Advance,” and “Tutorial” to your title makes it more visible on SEO.

  • YouTube tags

The primary objective of using a YouTube tag for your video is to alert YouTube of the contents of your video. Although YouTube tag may not be as vital as SEO, you can not ignore it whenever you post your video content.

How to Add YouTube Tags to Get Views in 2021

3. Facebook

To use Facebook for your social media marketing, the first thing to do is creating a Facebook profile. Then, Facebook enables you to connect with people when you advertise your products and services using Facebook ads. With Facebook, you can reach an incredible number of customers beyond your demography.

To enhance your brand visibility on the platform, you have to install pixels that will showcase your product to people who have visited your website and other visitors similar to your customer base.

You can also create an e-shop on Facebook and Instagram platforms where you can meet your shoppers without leaving the app or by sharing links that can direct them to your website to check out your products.

Also, with the Facebook chat plugin, your business can generate sales by using the app platform to offer personalized assistance and build stronger relationships you need to grow your business. In addition, this platform is powered by Facebook messenger, and it is free.

Link Building: What It Means for SEO

Link building is the process of enhancing your website visibility by building the number of websites linked directly to your page. The strategy is designed to create your website link on another website so that when other users click on the link, it automatically lands them on your page.

Link building increases the number of visitors to your page, increasing your sales and profit generation. The more links on your website, the better your website visibility on Google algorithms.

To achieve higher success using link building, you should priorities links on the main body of the text instead of links in between because there is a higher possibility that users will likely click the link on the main body of the text.

Also, links from a new domain are better at generating traffic than links from a continuous website. The reason is that Google prefers to see varieties of websites that are linking to you than just links coming from one particular site.

Final thought

With social marketing, you are not just increasing your brand visibility; you are also creating better interaction chances with your market. The platform also serves as a platform to drive your business profit margin. However, before choosing a platform for advertising and showcasing your brand, you need to understand your target audience and the suitable content to attract them to your brand.

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