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Search Volume VS Competition | Most Important Metric | Keyword Research

In this video we’re going to talk about analyzing keyword metrics. There’s so much data that can be collected in keyword research, and it can often feel overwhelming. By targeting these key metrics, you’ll be able to take your SEO strategy to the next level.

Why Is It Important To Consider Search Intent For SEO | Search Intent SEO

In our last few episodes, we’ve talked about keyword research. After brainstorming an extensive list of keywords, our next step is to consider the search intent of a potential client. When we talk about search intent, we’re referring to the motive for an online search. There are 4 main types of search intent that we’ll discuss today.

Brainstorming Keyword Techniques For Target Audience | Keyword Research | Target Audience Research

In this video we’ll cover the next step in keyword research, which is brainstorming a list of keywords and phrases. In our last episode, we talked about understanding the targeted audience. What problems do they have? How do they talk about these problems? What could they be Googling to solve these problems? What services or products are they looking for? Having a clear idea of your company’s mission, their audience, and what problems they solve sets you up for success for the rest of your keyword research. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to create your list of keywords and phrases.

4 Free Tips To Brainstorm SEO Keywords | Google Keyword Research | Keyword Research Tips

In our last episode, we talked about brainstorming a list of keywords and keyword phrases. As I mentioned, there are lots of available tools that can help conduct keyword research. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorites.

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO | How To Find The Right Keywords | Advanced Keyword Research

Today, we are talking about keywords and keyword phrases. Understanding keywords, as well as knowing how to conduct keyword research, are crucial skills in SEO copywriting. Your goal as an SEO copywriter is to get organic traffic to your site. The keywords you target will determine what type of traffic you get. In the next few episodes, we’ll cover everything you need to know about keywords and keyword research.

Find The Keyword Your Target Audience Use | Target Audience Research | Advanced Keyword Research

Today we’re diving into keyword research. This is the most fundamental aspect of SEO copywriting. Picking the right keywords connects potential clients to your brand. This connection ultimately results in sales. Picking the wrong keywords won’t connect your target audience to your brand. These keywords could bring traffic to your site, but you won’t see sales.

What Does Your Writing Style Say About You | Writing Style | Writing Techniques | Writing Tips

In this video, we’ll discuss the three most common article types and the purposes of each writing style. Understanding your purpose for writing is crucial because it impacts the choices you make about style, tone, and organization. If you’re new to freelancing and aren’t quite sure of the different purposes for writing an article, then you may want to stick around to learn more.

SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2020 | SEO Tutorial For Beginners | Website SEO Tutorial

In this video, we’ll discuss what SEO writing is. This is a term you’ll hear all the time in the freelance writing world. Many clients will want to know if you can write for SEO purposes. They’ll want to know if you can do keyword research. Having this skill set means you can meet the needs of clients looking for web optimization. It also allows you to bill a bit higher than other freelancers who may not have this knowledge.

How To Write Upwork Proposal | Upwork Cover Letter For Beginners | Top Career Consulting

As an UpWork Freelancer, great results demand habits of excellence, and excellence begins with a positive attitude and persistence! Take a peek at my UpWork Cover Letter and let’s collaborate together to create some successful outcomes for you!